Forward-Thinking Real Estate Solutions


It's NOW or NEVER!

Paradigm Shift: a change from one way of thinking to another.  It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather is driven by agents of change. 
  • Tried and true methods no longer working for you these days?
  • Tired of feeling a lack of control over your project or your company's destiny?
  • Is there something that you know is not working the way you feel it should?
  • Getting weary of the market always taking the blame for poor or mediocre performance?
The agents of change are in full force in our highly volatile real estate market.  Buyers have changed, their priorities and preferences have changed, their process and methods of searching for a home have changed, their expectations have changed...  It's time for a pro-active, comprehensive shift in your approach to what you build and how you market and sell. 
Ford Revelations can facilitate the state-of-the-art transformation of your company and it's bottom line results.    
     Project Planning
♦ Feasibility Analysis
♦ Community Planning &   Programming
♦ Home Plan Criteria & Programming
♦ Product Mix, Phasing & Pricing Strategies
♦ Site Plan Review & Recommendations
♦ Market Research & Niche Targeting
  Marketing Consulting
♦ Marketing Plan Review & Creation
♦ Staffing Structure, Recruitment & Training
♦ Corporate & Project Branding
♦ Marketing Budget Review & Creation
♦ Technology Integration
♦ Lead Generation & Development Strategies
      Sales Consulting
♦ Sales Staff Structuring & Recruitment
♦ Customized Sales Training
♦ Tailored Commission Structures
♦ Evaluations & Recommendations
♦ CRM System Selection,
Development & Training
♦ Interactive Strategies for Sales Staff


Master-planned Communities
 Age-targeted/restricted Communities
 Mixed-use Communities
 Golf-course Communities
 Amenity Communities
 Water-oriented Communities