Forward-Thinking Real Estate Solutions

Forward-Thinking in a Volatile Market Bursting with Opportunities.
Since 1994, Ford Revelations has teamed with some of the nation's leading homebuilders, developers and real estate sales professionals to conceptualize, create, market and sell some of the most successful planned communities from coast to coast. 
Ford Revelation's approach is unique and current.  It is typified by the crafting of state-of-the-art strategies that respond to today's highly volatile real estate market.  The inspiration for Ford Revelation's training and consulting services comes from paying close attention to constantly evolving market factors such as technological advances, market perceptions and customer profiles, preferences and their approaches to buying real estate. 
"I challenge anyone to find an industry that is more volatile and bursting of opportunity than real estate.  The old and very wise saying, 'If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward,' has never been more applicable to our industry than at this exact moment in time"
--Laurie Ford

 Marketing & Sales Consulting

Has your company undergone a strategic, radical transformation in the way it markets and sells?  If not, you're in trouble, because your market sure has.  Ford Revelations can facilitate and guide your much needed paradigm shift. 

Project Planning & Positioning

What drives your land, community and product planning and positioning?  Market-driven approaches are the solution, and since the real estate market undergoes constant change, so should your product.  Position your organization for tomorrow's market successes today.
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